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Shira Dizitzer

Thesis topic: The Relations Between Triadic Family Interactions During Infancy, Temperament and Self-Regulation During Childhood 

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Yael Mualem

Thesis topic: The Relations Between Neonatal Risk, Household Chaos and Effortful Control at 5.5 Years of Age 


Shir Shvo

Thesis topic: Infant Cry Processing and Maternal Postnatal Depressive Symptoms: the Moderating Role of Personality Self-Criticism 


Noy Benita

Thesis topic:  Sleep Through Toddlerhood: The Distinct Roles of Overall
Media Use and Use of Media to Regulate Child Distress

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MA in Cognitive psychology

Gilad Ben-David

Thesis topic: Memory Functions Following Preterm Birth – a Mouse-Based Model


Ahmad Mari

Thesis topic: The relation between premature birth and the emotional
state of fathers in the Bedouin population of the Negev. 


Aseel Massalha

Thesis topic: Factors Associated with Postpartum Depressive Symptoms in Bedouin-Arab Mothers of Preterm Infants


Dafna Bar

Thesis topic: Maternal Mobile Phone Use Interferes with the Process of Establishing Joint Attention‏ 


Gal Doron

Thesis topic:  Examining Patterns of Mother-Infant Emotional-Availability During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Social Support 

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Amit Gefen

Thesis topic:  The Associations Between Maternal ADHD Risk and Reflective Functioning 

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Adina Soyonov Carmi

Thesis topic: 

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